2 Day TOT for SEPLAA Foundation Winners organized to train underprivileged youth

A 2 Day Training of Trainers was held in Bahawalpur at Papa’s Kitchen on the 29th and online on the 30th of October, to train the recently selected iCx SEPLAA Social Entrepreneurship Challenge winners to train them on how to give a basic orientation to underprivileged youth in Bahawalpur. The topic of the seminars to be conducted with underprivileged youth will be ‘Promoting Social Entrepreneurship for Peacebuilding in Bahawalpur’.

The students found the TOT very informative and were very excited to hold their very own seminars.

The TOT was conducted by Mrs. Ammara Malik (SEPLAA CEO) with Mr. Abdus Salam, SEPLAA Bahawalpur Coordinator.


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