Seplaa Corona Compassion Fund

‘Life, Blood & Compassion’ and SEPLAA Foundation believe in providing a fighting chance for survival. In these trying times with the Corona Virus lockdown and uncertainty expected to loom over the next 3-4 months, please reach out to help us support daily wagers and their families who are working at the Seplaa Hub Green Building site and at construction sites around the Seplaa Hub office in DHA, Lahore. In these economically testing times, they need our help now and also in the next 3 months to be able to just survive.

Please donate to ‘Seplaa Foundation’ in any Askari Bank branch in Pakistan so we can give each bread winner a small relief stipend for the coming months or be able to support some families with food rations.

To volunteer online and to help spread the word, please write to us at

Account Title: SEPLAA Foundation

A/C # : 00270320206202

Askari Bank

Swift code no.: ASCMPKKA