Guidelines for International/ National Representatives

I. Know SEPLAA Foundation

In order to become an effective representative of SEPLAA to the global community, you need to be completely familiar with the vision, mission and the work of SEPLAA. We therefore request that you visit our website regularly and read everything there is to know about this organization. It is only through knowledge that you can become a representative of SEPLAA to Pakistanis and Non-Pakistanis in your community.

II. Use Social Media to Spread Awareness

One of the expectations we have from our International and National Representatives is that they be active advocates of SEPLAA through the social media, as this is the best means of networking and creating awareness for them. We therefore request that you join the following social media websites and join the relevant SEPLAA communities on these services where formally selected Representatives will be expected to:

1. Create a LinkedIn account with their current position at the SEPLAA Foundation as the ‘International SEPLAA Representative, (your country name)’ or ‘National SEPLAA Representative (name of city).’

2. Be active on our  facebook pages by “liking” and commenting on posts, sending quotes/news/ awareness messages for the newsfeed and inviting your friends to the page.

3. Be on Twitter. Our twitter profile page is . We encourage you to join twitter and retweet SEPLAA tweets to your followers.


III. Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is the only way of making our network of international representatives work optimally. Most of SEPLAA’s activities, planning and operations run through the internet. Once you become a representative, you will automatically be placed in one of our internal communication groups on facebook. We expect our Representatives to become a part of all of SEPLAA’s activities and not let their physical distance hold them back. Please Acknowledge and give your input to any/all e-mails sent to you by SEPLAA Foundation as well. Kindly make sure your e-mails are properly signed, with your designation and the organization clearly stated at the end.


IV. Create Awareness in your Communities

Speak about the SEPLAA Foundation: We expect our representatives to speak about SEPLAA in public forums, gatherings and to potential organizations interested in becoming a part of SEPLAA through their corporate social responsibility and national/international outreach/donor programs.

Host Events: Representatives can also host a small fundraiser or awareness campaign in their own local communities at least once a year. If support is required, other SEPLAA members, including representatives, may be requested to provide assistance in any way possible.

A Global Annual Calendar  put up on the SEPLAA Foundation website from the 1st of January, 2013, with events in different countries each month. Please pick the nature of your event and time of hosting it so that we can include it in our calendar. The event can be small or big but should be aimed at increasing awareness about SEPLAA and its objectives. Examples of such events can be hosting a talk at a university/college, speaking on local media channels, getting in touch with the Pakistani Embassies in your respective countries and hosting events there, having an informative talk with friends and family in your house, holding a fund raiser for SEPLAA. All events will need to be documented and reported back so that the events can be covered in our publications and online forums.


VI. Forge Collaborations/Partnerships

Where possible the National/International SEPLAA Representatives will be expected to forge partnerships between the SEPLAA Foundation and local NGOs/CBOs/Government departments/Research Institutes/Educational Institutes etc. in their countries of representation.

VII.  Contribute to the SEPLAA Publications:

All International and National (City) Representatives are requested to submit either some research papers, write up, report, article, interview or analysis etc. for our online resource platform

VIII. Membership of National Representative:

National Representatives will be required to be registered Members of the SEPLAA Foundation as they will be more closely involved in the working of the various projects of the SEPLAA Foundation. For membership registration details please email us at

IX. Membership of International Representatives:

Membership of International Representatives at the SEPLAA Foundation is optional. However if any International Representatives intends to be involved in any funded project at the SEPLAA Foundation then registration is mandatory. For membership registration details email us at


 Last updated: 20th July, 2020