Guidelines for School/ University Representatives

Requirements to become a School/University Representative:

1. Become a Student Member by depositing Rs. 500 membership fee for the year.

2. Send us a small write up about yourself.

3. Appear for an informal interview in Lahore and over the phone for Karachi and Islamabad.

For more requirements please see link.

Guidelines for selected Representatives:

  • Please send your photograph at for our records.
  • Fill in the online Membership Form here.
  • Be regular in email correspondence.

Tasks for selected Representatives:

Selected School and University Representatives for September 2012 – August 2013 will be expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Be models of integrity and diligence in their respective institutions.
  • Create SEPLAA members within their institutions.
  • Organize at least one SEPLAA orientation/ introductory talk/ guidance event in their respective institutions.
  • Be present in SEPLAA Representatives’ (one hour) meetings every Saturday.
  • Be part of the Management Team of at least 3 main SEPLAA Conferences over their term.
  • Put in at least 3 hours of voluntary work at the SEPLAA office (duties will be assigned as per the Representatives’ interest and future aims.)
  • Promote the SEPLAA facebook pages amongst their friends.
  • ‘Know’ SEPLAA. Read through the SEPLAA website thoroughly and keep checking for updates.
Privileges for selected Representatives:
  • All Representatives who will complete their terms will be given a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’.
  • Representatives who wish to undertake a Certificate Course with the SEPLAA Foundation will be given a fee waiver of Rs.24,000 in the Short Course on Peacebuilding and Conflict Management.
  •  Invitation to all academic seminars, fund raisers and events (Conditions apply).
  • Opportunities to participate in various competitions for awards and certificates.
  • Have the opportunity to be the ‘Representative of the Month’ Award with their profile and picture put up on the SEPLAA Foundation website, based on monthly performance and contribution to the organization.

Last updated: 11th September, 2012.