As Member

We welcome experts, thought leaders, civil society leaders, lawyers, social entrepreneurs and students to become Members of the SEPLAA Foundation & Think Tank.

Terms & Conditions of SEPLAA Foundation & Think Tank Membership for July 2021- June 2022:


Interested individuals can become members by paying the corresponding applicable fee:

1. Youth Members: Rs. 2500/ annum Age:18-25

2. Women Members: Rs. 5,000/ annum

3. Professionals as Members: Rs. 12,000/annum

4. Organizations/ Companies/Institutions as Members: Rs. 50,000/annum

5. Lifetime Member: Rs. 100,000


Mode of Payment:

Please deposit your membership fee payable in the favour of the ‘SEPLAA Foundation’ in any Askari Bank branch in Pakistan in ac. no.: 00270103206209.

Or: Give the following swift code no.: ASCMPKKA to your local bank to be able to send us any amount.

Kindly send us your date of cheque deposit along with deposit slip number at so we can process/renew your membership.


Privileges & Benefits for Members:

  • Invitation to the Annual fund raiser organized by the SEPLAA Foundation (Conditions apply)
  • Involvement in all policy recommendations compilation through online or physical events.
  • Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Members for strategy development and events planning (Online and/or through physical event).


For Youth Members,:

•  Opportunities to participate in various competitions for awards and certificates.

• Letters of Work Experience for volunteer work done at SEPLAA Foundation.

  • Opportunity to be selected as a School or University Representative for one year.


Only for Women, Professionals and Organizations as Members:

•Opportunity to be selected as a City or International SEPLAA Representative.

• Opportunities to participate in various competitions for awards and certificates.


If you understand that  you shall enjoy the privileges and benefits that apply to you above for the duration of your membership then please email us at and we will send you the membership form link.

The SEPLAA Foundation reserved the right to change certain terms and conditions without prior notice. All Members (all categories) are expected to keep themselves up to date about any changes on this page. Any significant policy changes will be announced on our Facebook Page and through email.

(Updated: 10th May, 2021).