Seeds of Education Project

SEPLAA Education Activities

The SEPLAA Foundation’s Seeds of Education Project focuses on adopting specific schools for under privileged children, in the hope to cultivate the young minds towards positive energies and ideas.

In 2010, the Foundation adopted a school as a pilot project in the adjoining areas of DHA, Lahore. This school caters to children of domestic workers who work in the homes of the elite Defence Housing Authority in Lahore. Most of these children also end up becoming child domestic workers when their parents are not able to pay their school fee, thus depriving them of a chance to get basic education. Several of these children have at least one sibling working as a child domestic worker or as a domestic worker in the nearby D.H.A. residential areas. Their existing syllabus does not expect them to think and the school premise itself offers no room for imagination or mental growth.

SEPLAA FoundationThe SEPLAA Foundation organized several school activities here in 2010 and 2011 with the aim of enhancing the love of freedom of thought and imagination amongst the underprivileged children here and in turn encouraged them to become more responsible citizens.

Since January 2015, the SEPLAA Foundation is working on the Seeds of Education Project in partnership with the SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club at Ameen Maktab and regularly conduct activities with 250 underprivileged children.