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Pakistan Flood Relief Efforts: Activities Aug. 2010

Activities Sept,Oct 2010

Activities Nov. 2010



Pakistan Flood Relief Efforts:

The SEPLAA Foundation with the help of it’s Social Media think thank, the Seeds of Education, Policy & Legal Awareness Association (SEPLAA) has played a significant role in the relief efforts to help the flood victims of the 2010 Pakistan floods.

Several of the SEPLAA Team members and volunteers  have worked tirelessly to contribute.

Relief has been given  in the following main areas:

  • August 2010: Food Relief
  • September & October 2010: Flood Relief & Rehabilitation

SEPLAA Flood Relief Activities August 2010:

1. Research: Consolidation of Flood Relief  Efforts

2. ‘SEPLAA Flood Relief Efforts’ launched & fund raisers held.

Facebook event page:


3. Environment & Health Initiative:

SEPLAA Recycled Water Bottles for Flood Victims Campaign Launched

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4. Relief Trip to Muzaffargarh:

The first SEPLAA Trip to Muzaffargarh took place on 28th August, 2010. The trip was navigated by SEPLAA Founding Member Mr Ahmad Farooq Malik and the relief team comprised of 4 other members.  At the end of the day, we had distributed  family packs to 550 families, given another 500 straw mats to families and distributed 100 goody bags with sweets and toys to children.

  • SEPLAA Muzaffargarh Trip Report: ’Muzaffargarh, Mud & Me’
  • SEPLAA Muzaffargarh Trip Report ( Quote from Blog article published in ’The Express Tribune’): ”When we got there, there were no relief camps set up  and no other team was helping. There was no governmental presence. As the lone female member of the team, the women thronged me with appeals of aid and asked me to help them with things they could not ask the male relief workers.  Their eyes were begging for compassion and their hands for anything they could take with them.’- Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik

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Several other groups, student groups and NGOs  involved in flood relief efforts also started giving in their reports to the SEPLAA Foundation for consolidation of flood relief  work done inPakistan. Some of this information is now complied and is published in the 2nd Volume of the SEPLAA magazine ‘Impact SEPLAA’.

Activities Sept,Oct 2010

SEPLAA Flood Relief Activities in September & October 2010:

SEPLAA Recycled Water Bottles for Flood Victims Campaign had several dozens of enthusiastic volunteers participate inKarachi,Rawalpindi,Islamabad,Lahore and Wah. Some details about the campaign can be seen below:

  • Drop Off points for Empty Water Bottles For Flood Victims:
  • Country Wide Rules of Recycling Campaign
  • Empty Water Bottles Collection: Why & With Whom
  • City Campaign Reports are going to be put up soon.

Activities Nov. 2010:

SEPLAA Flood Relief Efforts in November, 2010:

  • Detailed report about the flood relief activities of various groups published in ‘Impact SEPLAA’.
  • The SEPLAA Talent of Paksitan: Awards, Exhibition & Conference was held on the 13th & 14th of November, 2010. The highlight of the event was lauding the spirit of those who have contributed towards flood relief.