Empowering Girls

SEPLAA Foundation’s work with girls and women for greater inclusion:
SEPLAA Foundation has been advocating for the education and restriction of employing children particularly young girls as domestic workers. SEPLAA started work for child domestic workers in January 2010 when it’s team did research, published articles and appeared in the media for public influence. It later adopted a school for underprivileged  children for a year, which was predominantly for child domestic workers and children of domestic workers. SEPLAA Foundation Founder and Executive Director Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik, also gave policy recommendations to UNICEF and the Punjab Government to bring the Employment of Children’s Act in conformity with the UNCRC and ratified ILO Conventions.
The SEPLAA Foundation also empowers young girls and women through training and capacity building to help them create social enterprises with the aim to build peace. In South Punjab, the SEPLAA Foundation team reached across to over 800 young women through seminars and workshops. SEPLAA Foundation’s women empowerment program the SEW-E-GAP (SEPLAA Empowering Women for Economic Growth & Peace) responds to the participatory gaps that can be filled by confident and capable women. SEPLAA Foundation is constantly using innovative methods involving field surveys, digital technology and online tools to reach across to women in both urban as well as rural areas where it can offer them subsidized platforms to showcase their products and services. SEPLAA Foundation therefore also offers women, skills development through capacity building, opportunities to showcase their work at annual conferences and exhibitions, product development innovation competitions and networking opportunities for economic growth.

Dialogue on Promoting Innovation for Sowing the Seeds of Education in Pakistan 

On 28th December, 2013, the SEPLAA Foundation conducted a Dialogue on ‘Promoting Innovation for Sowing the Seeds of Education in Pakistan’. Participants at the event were senior representatives of various forums to be able to discuss tough questions and present a way forward.


Girl Rising Child Ambassador Amal Farooq speaking at the Dialogue
Girl Rising Child Ambassador Amal Farooq speaking at the Dialogue


Participants included Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik, SEPLAA Foundation Executive Director, Mr. Khurram Waqas Malik from LCCI, Ms. Roohi Abdullah from Girl Rising Pakistan through Skype, Mrs. Nikhat Qureshi Executive Director of Islamic Art Revival Series our international guest from Dallas (USA), Amal Farooq Malik and Dina Farooq Malik from Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club, Mr. Imran Sarwar Co Founder of Rabtt, Mr. Malik Tipu President of Rotaract Club, Ms. Amina Javaid from SEPLAA, Ms. Sana Mela, Ms. Munnaza Mushtaq and Ms. Ribca Ralph from Impact Change Xcelerator SEPLAA.