Call for Interns: SYD-SIP (SEPLAA Youth Development Summer Internship Program)



The call for interns is now open at the SEPLAA Foundation and its partners.

About SYD-SIP:

The 6 week summer internship program at SEPLAA Foundation is a prestigious youth development program to develop the youth at the personal and professional level.

Every summer we conduct thorough 6 week SYD-SIP sessions for students from different institutions. The program is highly competitive and each year we have been inducting a maximum of 25 interns in each group.

Since 2010, Interns in the past for this program have been from New York University (USA), Carnegie Mellon University (Qatar), NALSAR (India) and several top universities in Pakistan including LUMS, LSE, COMSATS, Kinnaird, FC College, Punjab University and schools such as Beaconhouse and Lahore Grammar School.

SYD-SIP, being the best learning internship program in Pakistan, develops and builds skills of youth in the following areas:

a. Marketing
b. Writing/ blogging/editing
c. Photography
d. Video Making
e. Research
f. Graphic Designing
g. Social Media Marketing
h. PR & Branding

The program also provides growth, networking and learning through productive workshop training sessions (mentoring).

SYD-SIP falls under three categories:

  • International SYD-SIP

International SYD-SIP is an exclusive program offered by the SEPLAA Foundation. It spreads over an entire academic year and promotes exchange of ideas between the youth here in Pakistan with people around the world.

Currently, the SEPLAA Foundation inducts an intern from CGA-NYU (Centre for Global Affairs-New York University) every year.

This program helps in building up on a global community encouraging the youth from around the world to think outside the box and take up challenges to give back to the society no matter which part of the globe they belong to.

We believe in facilitating young people through capacity building and creating a ripple effect.

  • SYD-SIP Central Region, Lahore.

SYD-SIP Central Region, Lahore is a 6-8 weeks’ internship program that takes place in Lahore with regular meetings at our admin and corporate offices.

Interns selected under this program need to qualify for this internship program based on their respective skill set that matches up to the professionalism, standard and quality strictly maintained at the organization.

Once selected, the interns benefit from a rigorous capacity building and training program that is considered to be the best in Pakistan for providing global exposure and endless opportunities for learning, growth and personal as well as professional development.

  • SYD-SIP Pakistan Development Program

The ideology behind SYD-SIP Pakistan Development Program is to reach out to youth in urban as well as rural settings. We induct privileged as well as underprivileged youth under this program to learn from their differences.

This is a 4-6 weeks’ internship program that can be completed ONLINE after initial training with the SEPLAA Foundation. The initial training may be conducted either in the SEPLAA Lahore Head Office or in the student’s home city.

This is an excellent opportunity for females to come forward and learn professional skills in this digital era.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are required to email their cvs at and mark the position they are applying for in the email subject line.

Registration Fee:

Once accepted, interns are required to pay the registration fee of Rs. 1500 only which also makes the students ‘Introductory Student Members’ of the SEPLAA Foundation for 2019-2020 as well.

Internship Period:

July- August 2019.


Once a week meetings in DHA and work from home.

Last date to apply:

26th June, 2019.