SYD-SIP Report 2013


Executive Summary

SYD-SIP: SEPLAA Youth Development Summer Internship Program 2013 Central Region, Lahore was held from the 8th of June, 2013 till the 20th of July, 2013. Several learning opportunities were provided for the interns to benefit from. They attended various events during this program for exposure, networking and professional growth. Regular capacity building and training sessions (mentoring) were conducted during the internship period.


Interns under the SYD-SIP 2013 Central Region, Lahore program by the SEPLAA Foundation attended a seminar on ‘Technologies for Green Energy’ at the LCCI (Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industries), 2 consultative sessions on ‘Child Rights Laws in Punjab’ organized by UNICEF at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Lahore and ‘2nd Retail Conference’ by LXY Global at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore.

There were creative contributions by the interns in the form of blog posts for “Impact SEPLAA Think Tank” which is an international online resource forum, a project by the SEPLAA Foundation. The blog posts included: ‘SEPLAA Events: Give Voice to your Imagination’ by Ali Jafri, ‘Liberty Market Lahore: A Shopping Haven’ by Waleed Akram, ‘Visit Swat: The Paradise Valley’ by Ahmed Bappi, ‘Internships in Pakistan’ by Waleed Akram, ‘Seminar on Technologies for Green Energy’ by Muhammad Ahsan Khokhar, ‘The Power of Hope’ by Ali Jafri and ‘Kindle of Knowledge’ by Ali Jafri.

Capacity building and training sessions (mentoring) on ‘Professional Ethics and Communication Skills’ and ‘Team Building and Personal Professional Growth for Youth’ were also held during the internship period.

The interns assisted in organizing the ‘SEPLAA YLC (Young Leaders’ Club) Child Leadership Development Summer Program 2013.’ They assisted in developing and also took part in the ‘1st Picture Worth a Thousand Words Photography Competition’ by the SEPLAA Foundation.

Lessons Learned/Challenges

Young people have the potential and capacity to produce great work. The only challenge is to keep them motivated and train them to be focused towards the organizational goals and objectives that lead towards making big differences in the society.

We provided all sorts of facilities, extended various opportunities and worked hard on arranging a conducive environment for the interns to bring out the best in them.

We hope to continue our SYD-SIP Central Region, Lahore internship program as a platform for youth to develop and build their skills and recognize their talents. We have always encouraged young people to think outside the box for social development and progress.