SYD-SIP Report 2014

SYDSIP 2014, 1

Interns under the SYD-SIP 2014 Central Region, Lahore program by the SEPLAA Foundation attended various workshops during their tenure with SEPLAA. A total of 20 students from different universities and schools (UET, PU and Beaconhouse) were shortlisted for the program and were given orientation on the program in the mid of June, 2014. Prominent interns included:

  1. Hamza Munir
  2. Syed Muhammad Taha
  3. Zeeshan Shahzad
  4. Saad Ihsan
  5. Zargham Ahmed
  6. Wasay Ijaz
  7. Aisha Rabbani
  8. Aisha Shahzad
  9. Moosa Raza
  10. Arshia Raheel

During Ramadan, the SEPLAA Foundation organized activities for interns to distribute lunchboxes for the underprivileged and donate them to the Children’s Hospital, Lahore patients and caregivers. The first activity was held on 11th July,2014 and the last activity was held on 24th July, 2014.

There were creative contributions by the interns in the form of blog posts for Impact SEPLAA Think Tank. The blog posts included topics related to child rights and humanitarian assistance. The interns also helped SEPLAA in the marketing forum bringing in sponsored water bottles for Ramadan lunch packages.

Capacity building and training sessions (mentoring) on ‘Social Responsibility and Collective Ownership’ and ‘Team Building and Personal Professional Growth for Youth’ were also held during the internship period.

The interns assisted in organizing the ‘SEPLAA YLC (Young Leaders’ Club) Child Leadership Development Summer Program 2014.’ They assisted in developing and also took part in various workshops organized both for physical and mental strength for children by the SEPLAA Foundation.

Lessons Learnt/Challenges

Young people have the potential and capacity to produce magnificent work. The only challenge is to keep them motivated and train them to be focused towards the organizational goals and objectives that lead towards making big differences in the society.

We provided all sorts of facilities, extended various opportunities and worked hard on arranging a conducive environment for the interns to bring out the best in them. The interns gave some very interesting feedbacks from this year:

Arshia Raheel

“Words cannot describe the journey I had. One word to express what I gained is motivation. I gained lot of satisfaction here. SEPLAA will surely help me achieve my dreams. I have a suggestion that all interns should have work description. I would like to work as a campus ambassador and volunteer at SEPLAA events. I like madam Ammara’s hardworking and humble nature. Madam Ammara treats SEPLAA just like her own child. SEPLAA should start the project going in Bahawalpur in Lahore. At the end I would like to say thank you. I am always ready to serve SEPLAA. Please call me at the next orientation”.

Syed Muhammad Taha

“SEPLAA has been a rejuvenating experience and it has taught me something I lacked before and that is ‘Social responsibility’ .There is a so much to give back to society in many ways and my time at SEPLAA taught me that. I wish them best at their future endeavors and may this organization keep working for the benefit of our society”.

 Zargham Ahmad

“It hasn’t been an internship, what I had imagined before joining it. Dull and full of work. But this was a lot of fun and highly interactive. It was a really good learning experience and I learnt a lot of things. I personally wanted to contribute a lot more but I couldn’t due to personal issues. However, the most unique and differentiating thing about SEPLAA compared to other internships is the ‘collective ownership’ .Everyone has an equal say. From the CEO, to the least active internee. Experience was overall highly good and satisfactory.

I’d love to continue working for it and see it faster. I don’t believe in breaking bonds.”

SEPLAA team hopes to continue the SYD-SIP Central Region, Lahore internship program as a platform for youth to develop and build their skills and recognize their talents. We have always encouraged young people to think outside the box for social development and progress.