Research Papers

Research & Conference Papers

  • Working Paper: Brave Pakistani Women: Position of Women as agents of Peace in Education, Disability and Corporate Sustainability, Impact SEPLAA World, Pakistan.
  • Malik, A.F.2016. Lahore Blast and Aftermath: Countering Violent Extremism Civil Society Challenges & Recommendations, SEPLAA Foundation & Think Tank, March, 2016.
  • Malik, A.F. 2015. Challenges to Promoting Peacebuilding through the Development of Social Enterprises: A comparative study of Pakistan and Sri Lanka’, National Conference on ‘Challenges to Peacebuilding in South Asia’, University of the Punjab.
  • Malik, A.F. & Szutkowski, K. 2014. ‘Innovative Solutions to Promote Peacebuilding: A Case Study Analysis of the Social Entrepreneurship for Peacebuilding Model in Pakistan and its Application in Iraqi Kurdistan’, International Symposium on Peacebuilding & Education,  University of Duhok, Iraq, organized by the UoD in partnership with UNICEF, Center of Global Affairs New York University (USA) and the US Embassy in Iraq.
  • Malik, A.F., 2014. Situational Analysis of the Juvenile Justice System Ordinance (JJSO), UNICEF Pakistan.
  • Malik, A.F., 2014. Revised Juvenile Justice System Ordinance (JJSO) and Strategic Recommendations for Implementation of JJSO, UNICEF Pakistan.
  • Malik, A.F., 2014, Revised Children Employment Act 1991, UNICEF Pakistan.








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