Seminar for underpriveleged youth held with I-Boutique

Seminar report:

Date:   November 1st, 2014.

Subject: Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship and Peace Building for Underprivileged Youth

ICx SEPLAA trainer: IRSA CHAUDHARY, Bahawalpur.

Project: I – Boutique.

“I am so much thankful to SEPLAA Foundation for giving me this opportunity and platform. It gave me a really good chance to do something for society which is itself a good deed.”

The Seminar was conducted at NIMS College Bahawalpur, at 11:30, for under privileged youth on the topic of social entrepreneurship and peace building.

The purpose of this seminar was to motivate the under privileged youth toward the development of the society.


Objectives of this seminar were:

  • to motivate the poor youth toward a good life style
  • To enable them to manage resources for themselves if other people don’t provide them.

The term Social entrepreneurship was not so familiar to them, so the team used different examples to clarify their concepts. Peace building was well explained to them and also the concept of conflict and how it can be resolved. The team also gave them different examples of creating peace in society and how conflict resolving was helpful in peace building in society. They connected the social entrepreneurship to peace building and explained them how both are related to each other.


Response of students:

Following are the responses we received from people at the end of seminar:

Tahira Yaseen:

“I learn so much from this short seminar .now my thinking is changed and I want to t do something for this society. And I think the innovative ideas of the youth change the society”.

Fazila Basher:

“This is good effort of the Seplaa Foundation. I appreciate the Foundation for this Seminar. And I am delighted to know the youth like me do some think for our society. I also appreciate the confidence of this winner”.

Shan Haneef:

“The Seminar that is held by Seplaa Foundation is a great effort .After this I m motivate to do something for the poor people of our society.

Thank you Seplaa for this seminar in my college”.

The team concluded that most of the people didn’t have any idea about innovation which could be beneficial for society and themselves. In seminar most of the audiences were confused, but after the clarification they understood the depth of the topic. More seminars are needed to spread awareness among needy people, to let them know that what type of opportunities they have to bring reforms for society. These seminars can spread a wave of awareness in our society.

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