Seminar for underprivileged women held with Cholistani Food Street

Seminar report:

Date: 22nd November, 2014

ICx SEPLAA trainer: Bakhtawar Pervaiz

Subject: Seminar on social entrepreneurship for peace building

Project: Cholistani Food Street

Where: Basti Malook

Why: In order to motivate youth for building peace in the society

Total 30 underprivileged women attended the seminar for underprivileged women organized by the SEPLAA Foundation under it’s Umeed Jawan project. The trainer also reached across to some primary students who are also working and studying at the same time. She covered Social entrepreneurship and peace building introductions.  Women attending the session were also interested in the concept. Native language was used in the lecture to make the women understand easily. It was an engaging session over all.


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