Seminar for underprivileged youth held with Goods4u

Seminar report:

Date:   November 7th, 2014

Subject: Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship and Peace Building for Underprivileged Youth

ICx SEPLAA trainer: WAQAR MEHMOOD KHAN, Bahawalpur.

Project: Goods4u.

This report encapsulates the seminar held at ‘The Innovators Academy’, Women University Road, Riaz Colony, Bahawalpur on Friday, the seventh of November, 2014. Mr Abdus Salam, SEPLAA Bahawalpur coordinator, reached the venue in time, with all required logistics including flex-sheets, attendance sheet, snack-boxes, etc. The seminar started at 04:30 pm. As soon as the event started, the attendance sheet was distributed amongst the participants of the seminar.

The seminar was prodigiously attended by a large number of underprivileged youth from the city ‘Bahawalpur’ and the adjoining areas. The Team started the seminar by introducing the organization ‘SEPLAA’ and its untiring endeavors directed towards the empowerment of children, youth & women, in addition to conducting research, advocacy, creating awareness and facilitating reforms in various segments of the society.

The trainer then introduced the concept of Social Entrepreneurship by defining it and quoting certain examples pertinent to the concept.

Defining and explaining the concept of Social Entrepreneurship, we defined peace building and its momentousness in a particular society with special reference to its linkage with a feasible social entrepreneurship and the establishment of a sustainable peace, in this behalf.

Doing so, the team made an activity among the students to ensure the fact that they have managed to grasp a lot about the concepts of Social Entrepreneurship and Peace building.

Concluding the hour-long seminar, the team highlighted the importance of a social enterprise in South Punjab and its diversified benefits not only to the society but to the social entrepreneur as well.

Snack-boxes were then distributed among the seminar participants. In the end, the attendees gave their views regarding the seminar. The seminar was a splendid venture, which was appreciated greatly by the participants and the institute’s faculty.

Some of the comments are being shared below:

Sana Latif:

“It was undoubtedly an excellent event. The mode in which the seminar was delivered is really appreciable. I can now easily define the concept of social entrepreneurship.

Sidra Asghar:

“Such events are highly important to be conducted especially for the empowerment of youth across South Punjab”.

Asghar Hassan:

“It was for the very first time in my life that I got the chance to attend such an informative seminar on entrepreneurship”.

  1. Arshad Dogar:

“I will surely do something for the youth of our country in terms of entrepreneurship to make my country a developed one”.

  1. Ahsan:

“The linkage drawn between social entrepreneurship and peace building was really unique and an amazing one”.

Afeera Hussain:

“Now I know it very well that social entrepreneur is a person who pursues an innovative idea with the potential to solve a socialistic problem. From now onwards I will too join the struggle of becoming a social entrepreneur for the sake of my beloved homeland”.

Yousaf Malik:

“Such events must at least be held once or twice every month, thanks to SEPLAA”.

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