Seminar for underprivileged youth held with University Express


Subject: Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship and Peace Building for Underprivileged Youth organized by SEPLAA Foundation under it’s Umeed Jawan Project.

ICx SEPLAA Trainer: MUHAMMAD TALHA, Bahawalpur.

Project: University Express.

Area: 7-Chak (10KM away from Bahawalpur City)

Seminar report:

Why choose this area?

There is no college, and only one school that is only up to Class 8 in this area. Students studying above levels have to travel to city areas. Mostly youth is not working and not even studying because they are poor. Most of them want to do business but cannot due to lack of motivation and investment.  So it was felt that people must be guided properly in order to create a community that is not typical business community but a helping society too.

What was delivered?

The seminar was about Social Entrepreneurship and how to shape students mind towards Social Enterprise. The major focus was to aware the students that there is a complete society that is always looking for people to help them. It was emphasized that why not choose some business that is not only earning us money but also fulfilling the needs of demanding society. Also enlighten them about the concept of peace building and how this concept must be taken care in society and how social enterprise can create peace in society. In the end, the trainer presented them with his idea, University Express, so that they can have some examples in mind.

Activity in the class

The following scenario was given:

Suppose there is a lot of garbage in your street and no one claims who had thrown it and it is a cause of dispute every day. How can you settle the dispute and turn it into a social enterprise. Students were given 5 minutes to think about it. And students came with extraordinary response ratio. One student suggested it that we collect it and sale it to “BHATTA”. Another said we can recycle it. There were others as well, then it was suggested that we can be a middleman. Get a little money from all houses and hire a sweeper for the garbage.


Here are few of those: (Originally written on paper in Urdu)


“I understood a little. They told us about social work and how we can make good society. And I will try to start such business”.


“Today we learned that whatever we do, we must take care of society so that not only we but all can share the fruit”.


“We learned that we can do a lot more other than job in the world”.


“We learned that after getting education, if we don’t get job we can do something that is more beneficial for us and society. This will save our time and also help other people”.


“We didn’t know much about social work earlier but these people introduce us to this concept. We must not only look for jobs but also promote business and social work as well. Mostly students don’t get job and this is frustrating to them and creates social disorder. And if we have social business then we can control many problems”.

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