Seminar held with Education Storms

Seminar report:

Date: November 1st, 2014

Subject: Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship and Peace Building for Underprivileged Youth

ICx SEPLAA trainer: MANAN BIN SAJID, Bahawalpur.

Project: Education Storms.

This report summarizes the whole seminar that was conducted for under privileged youth on the topic ‘social entrepreneurship and peace building’. The Seminar was conducted successfully in ALLAMA IQBAL COLLEGE, at 11:30 AM, Bahawalpur. Mr. Abdus Salam was on time with all the logistics required for the seminar so the seminar was started on time. The people who gathered to attend this seminar were from remote areas of Bahawalpur.

Objectives of this seminar were to motivate the underprivileged youth toward a positive life style and how they can produce resources for themselves if other people don’t provide them. The term Social entrepreneurship was really unfamiliar to them, so the team used different examples to make their mind clear about it. Trainers asked for their views on every step to involve them mentally in the seminar. Peace building was well explained to them and the team also explained the concept of conflict and how it can be resolved. They were given different examples of conflict and the team managed an activity with them to show the impact of conflict on society and how conflict resolving was helpful in peace building in society. Trainers connected the social entrepreneurship to peace building and explained them how both are related to each other. They explained them that social entrepreneurship will not only help people economically but morally as well and it will result in an inclined decrease of crime in society.
The youth showed a very positive response in the whole seminar and showed an urge to do something great not only for themselves but also for their society. Some of them produced great ideas of social entrepreneurship that they wanted to start in near future and help their country and society grow. The whole seminar had a very positive effect on them and helped change their way of thinking. They showed an ambition to be good citizens and will help in peace building.

Following are the responses we received from people at the end of seminar:

Fazeela Rahim:
“I didn’t know about this before but after attending this seminar my vision is changed. Now I have many ideas in my mind about developing a social enterprise and provide benefit to people around me”.

Zarmeena Tahir:
“I don’t know about this foundation before but now I am very delighted to know that some foundations are still working for women empowerment and are not just gaining profit but helping others to also come forward and serve the country”.

Afshan Fatima:
“I don’t know about SEPLAA but after attending this short seminar I will try my best to be a part of such program that is helping in youth empowerment. I hope to see such seminars again in future as it completely changed my thinking”.

Husnain Tahir:
“SEPLAA showed me the correct path to follow. The seminar was very helpful for me as I know now that we have to think about others as well besides just thinking for ourselves if we want to create peace in our country”.

M.Asim Ali Raza:
“Thank you SEPLAA for this seminar you are working for a great cause. I will try to play role in peace building and will try to make a social enterprise that will be helpful for my poor villager brothers. I hope to see such seminars again because it is helping us to think positively about our country”.


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