Seminar held with Hamaray Mavaishi

Date:   November 1st, 2014

Subject: Social Entrepreneurship and Peace Building for Underprivileged Youth.


Project: Hamaray Mavaishi.

Seminar report:

Winning youth had to deliver a one hour induction seminar to under privileged youth of Bahawalpur City. For this purpose, the Youth of Govt. APWA Girls high School, Satellite town Bahawalpur, were selected.

The youth mostly belonged to intermediate class. At the beginning of the lecture the students were asked questions about the basics of business. Since most of the students had not even heard of the word Entrepreneurship, so we started from the word business and gave them some know-how about the term ‘Entrepreneurship’.

Initially it was difficult to give them the idea of Entrepreneurship but with time the students got really interested and motivated on the topic.

When students got familiar with the concept of Business and Entrepreneurship, we moved to the next step and that was “Social Entrepreneurship”. This term was very new for them. After an elaborate lecture on the topic the students were very much able to grasp the idea and were enthusiastic about it. We tried our utmost to teach them in a way that our word can put a long term effect on their mind.

After delivering the lecture on “Social Entrepreneurship” we put up a small activity in which we engaged them to think of some social issues that can be dealt with as part of a social business in future and can also solve the problems of people while earning some revenue from it as well. So some young students were outstanding in the activity and they raised very authentic problems that people faced in their daily life.

Some of these issues are as follows:

  • Water issues in their area.
  • Over flow of garbage

After discussing these issues, we asked them whether they will be able to find out solution to these problems, as we are not expecting that at this stage but the students were just fired for putting forward strong and productive solutions to the problems. The solution of first problem that was put up by a small girl was that “we can solve this issue by purchasing a van and supply water to the people and charge some handsome amount relative to this supplying of water”. Likewise, the solution to second problem were also put up by another girl and that was “we can start our business to get rid of excess of garbage in our area by charging little money from each native of this area and after collecting the money we can hire a sweeper/janitor and earn profit as well”.

Next session was on the topic of Peace building. In this session we helped them understand what peace building is and how we can relate it to social entrepreneurship. We took an example of garbage that these students raised to teach them what peace building is, so they got it very easily. Some of the students then related peace building with social entrepreneurship which was really interesting.

After delivering the lecture we tried to get some feedback from the students to what they had learnt that day. A lot of students raised their hand so we nominated a few of them to give feedback and their names are as follows:

  1. Sana Tariq Social   Entrepreneurship
  2. Shazia Rafique   Peace Building
  3. Bushra Irshad   Social Entrepreneurship
  4. Dania Sarwar   Peace Building
  5. Bushra Ijaz Social   Entrepreneurship

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