Seminar held with Rozgaar South Punjab

On 1st November, 2014 a Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship and Peacebuilding was held for underprivileged youth as part of the SEPLAA Foundation & Umeed Jawan project in South Punjab.

This seminar was conducted by Dania Khan, iCx incubatee whose project  ‘Rozgar South Punjab’ is being incubated under ICx SEPLAA.

This report summarizes the whole seminar that was conducted for under privileged youth on the topic ‘social entrepreneurship and peace building’. The seminar was conducted successfully at ‘ARRSH COLLEGE AND ACADEMY’, Bahawalpur, at 6:00 P.M. SEPLAA Bahawalpur co-ordination Officer (Mr. Abdus Salam) and two ambassadors (Muneeb and Talha) reached on time and the seminar started exactly at 06:15 P.M. The students gathered to attend this seminar were from intermediate classes. All the students were from Bahawalpur and most of them were from a small village near Bahawalpur (tibba Badar sher).

The objectives of the Seminar were as follows:

  • To incubate the girls towards a positive life style so that they can give their best to the society.
  • Women Empowerment at the grass root level.
  • To motivate girls so that they can produce resources on their own for the betterment of the society.

The term `social entrepreneurship` was quite unfamiliar to them. None of the students knew about this term. They were fully motivated by the examples shown to them regarding social entrepreneurship and were encouraged to give in their feedbacks after the first topic.

Peace building was the second topic discussed in the seminar. The audience was somewhat familiar with this term so after a short lecture the two topics were bridged together to build a relationship.

By attaining their attention the team organized two short activities regarding peace building. One was paper folding activity and the second was fingers upraising activity. Both the activities were conducted in groups. They learned how to strengthen themselves by working together for the betterment of the society to conduct peace in their surroundings.

Following is the overview of the lecture:

  • Aim development
  • Opportunity recognition
  • Resource determination and acquisition
  • Launch and grow the business
  • Goal attainment

Youth showed a massive response at the end. They raised various questions as well. They were passionate to work for the welfare of the society. The team saw great unity and teamwork in the youth. Some of the girls put up examples of social entrepreneurship and some were incubated enough to reduce poverty from the society by working with their own resources to serve the community.

Following are the responses the team received from people at the end of seminar:

Ayman Nasir:

I didn’t know about this organization but now I am familiar with SEPLAA and I want to work with SEPLAA to come forward so that I could give some part of my life towards my community.

Afshan Naz:

I give free tuitions to my neighbors just to satisfy myself and to give a positive role in the society. By attending this seminar I am hopeful to see such sort of seminars so that more and more youth could become a part of this society by giving something positive to the society. I want to launch a social enterprise as well.

Zainab Mukhtar:

My aim of my life is to become a doctor but it is something I will do for myself and for my career. SEPLAA gave me the right path to serve the community on my own behalf by utilizing my resources.

Ayesha Khalid:

Peace is really very important in life. Without peace our nation will diminish. Peace will only be created when we join hands towards a flourishing society.

Asma Bint-e-Hawa:

Thanks to SEPLAA who is working for women empowerment. I was totally unaware of the term social entrepreneurship and peace building. I learned a lot from the lecture. Now my mind is clear and I am fully motivated to run my own business in the near future so that our nation could prosper.

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