SEPLAA Foundation holds Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship for Peace at Women University Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur- The SEPLAA Foundation team visited the Women University in Bahawalpur and met with the Principal and senior staff to brief them about the importance of promoting social entrepreneurship amongst young women in Bahawalpur. The meeting was attended by Mrs. Ammara Malik (SEPLAA), Mrs. Salma (Women University Registrar), staff members and iCx Alumni Sana Leghari.

Induction Seminar held with 300 students:

The seminar was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by introductory words from faculty and students. Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik spoke to the large audience of 300 female students and told them about the present Umeed Jawan project being implemented by SEPLAA Foundation in South Punjab.

The principles of social entrepreneurship and peacebuilding were also explained to all the students.

Challenges faced:

The principal was requested for a group of 200 students however she was interested in getting the younger students to attend as well. Hence the hall was filled with 300 young girls.

Way forward:

To cover the gap of senior students, another incubation seminar was held in S.E. College on the same day. This was attended by 70 students who were all aged 19 plus.


Though SEPLAA was required to cover 200 students only for Induction Seminar 3, we covered approximately 370 students. Attendance was collected of 270 students. The students at Women University were very excited to attend the seminar and several asked the Project Director for autographs at the end of the seminar.

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