SEPLAA Foundation partners with Sewegap Women Hub & Book Project to promote peace.

SEPLAA Foundation is proud to announce its partnership with the Sewegap Women Hub and book project titled ‘Sewegap Women & Leaders of Pakistan’ that is documenting the stories of more than 200 women in Pakistan, including highlighting women led networks in Pakistan for the purpose of highlighting the role that women can play in building economic empowerment and peace in Pakistan.

Sewegap Women Hub is a social enterprise which was initiated with the support of the SEPLAA Foundation in 2013, as the SEW-EGAP (SEPLAA Empowering Women for Economic Growth & Peace) Women Empowerment Program and has since the past 6 years reached out to over 80,000 men and women with positive interventions through its various activities and dialogues on ground and online, all over Pakistan.

Today, the Sewegap Women Hub is an independent social enterprise that caters to the needs of professional women and community leaders in Pakistan with a growing membership of over 1200 women.

The book Sewegap Women & Leaders of Pakistan is expected to be out by November of 2019.

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