SEPLAA Ramadan Activity: Iftaar with patients and attendants at Children’s Hospital Lahore


We are so fortunate that we are well and some of us are well off too. It is the month of blessings. Why not share some of our blessings with those who are neither well nor well off?

The SEPLAA Foundation will be having Iftari with around 60 patients and their attendants who have to stay the nights under the open sky in the ground of the Children’s Hospital Lahore. If any of you would like to donate any of the following food items, they will be warmly received by the SEPLAA Team. (If you would like, you can join us to distribute too)

1. Dates
2. Cold juices.
3. Fruit.
4. Any other healthy item including packed biscuits.

For donations please contact:

Hamza Munir – 0331 4142442 (DHA Lahore)
Saad Ihsan – 0323 4589669 (Model Town)
Syed Taha – 0334 5000284 (Cantt)

The SEPLAA Foundation will already be serving biryani to the attendants and those patients who are well enough to eat spices. Please donate generously so we can reach out to more than 60 people!

For more information please contact us at:
042- 38652172, 0322 4411800.

If any of you would like to donate medicines for our partner dispensary in Bahawalpur, please call us for more details.

This event is part of the SEPLAA Youth Development Summer Internship Program (SYD-SIP) where we aim to engage youth in productive community activities.

Write or call us for more information! 🙂

Best wishes,

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