Call for Applications: International 3 Day Conference on Social Entreprenurship & Peacebuilding

International 2 Day Conference on Social Entrepreneurship & Peacebuilding

4th Annual SEPLAA Talent of Pakistan, Conference & Awards

19th- 20th December, 2014

Lahore, Pakistan.


The 4th Annual SEPLAA Talent of Pakistan, Conference & Awards is a global promotion of Pakistani talent in social entrepreneurship for peacebuilding in Pakistan.

SEPLAA Foundation Peacebuilding Initiatives






Day 1:

Day & Date: Friday, 19th December, 2014

Time: 3:00-5:00pm

Venue: SEPLAA Foundation, c/o Jus & ReM, 307 Upper Mall, Lahore

Introductory Dialogue on Peace: Collecting Regional Definitions

  • Dialogue on South & Central Asian Peace & Way Forward
  • Dialogue on Middle East Peace & Way Forward.


Day 2:

Day & Date: 20th December, 2014

Time: 9:00am to 1:30pm

Venue: Ali Auditorium, Ferozpur Rd., Lahore.

  • Dialogue on Lessons learnt in the SEPLAA & Ummed Jawan Project ‘Promoting Social Entrepreneurship for Peacebuilding through IT & Youth Mobilization’ in Southern Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Awards for Best Youth Social Enterprise Startup for Peace
  • Awards for SEPLAA Mentors
  • Launch of iCx SEPLAA Umeed Jawan Lahore Project