‘Smiling Through Disability’ Project

SEPLAA Foundation Press Release:

3rd December, 2016

SEPLAA Foundation Launches ‘Smiling Through Disability Project’

The SEPLAA Foundation has launched a project for children with disability on the occasion of the International Day of People with Disability.

The project is being flanked by SEPLAA Foundation Founding Member Ms. Zahra Wyne who is herself suffering from muscular dystrophy.

Speaking on the occasion, the SEPLAA Foundation Founder Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik said that ‘Under this project titled ‘Smiling Through Disability’, the SEPLAA Foundation’s team of creative experts will be conducting activities such as art, story telling and giving motivational talks to create awareness about the environment and to share smiles with special children.’

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On 1st December 2016, Ms. Zahra conducted an interactive story telling activity with special children at the Rising Sun Institute of Special Children which was attended by almost 100 special children, senior management and staff of both SEPLAA Foundation and Rising Sun Institute and Ms. Arshia Bano from USAID. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activity. Staff at the Rising Sun School remarked that children really enjoy activities which are apart from their routine.



10The audience appreciated Ms. Zahra’s enthusiasm and lauded her efforts despite her own disability. The project hopes to reach across to over 500 special children over the next year through creative activities.